East & South East Asian Play Archive

East by South East will host a Wiki-Archive of plays by East Asian and South-East Asian writers, either originally in English or translated into English. Like all Wiki structures, the platform will be open to all to upload and edit. 

The archive is under construction right now and we are actively looking for funding for development. When it is online, you are invited to create entries with the following information:

1. Title of play
2. Author(s)
3. Short synopsis
4. Year of premiere production (and subsequent productions)
5. Venue(s) & Location(s) of premiere production (and subsequent productions)
6. Length of Run
7. Original Cast & Creative team
8. Production Stills
9. A link to where the playtext can be acquired. (If published, a link to the publisher. If unpublished, we invite you to upload the playtext, which can be made available upon request and permission of author.)

In the meantime, you can email the above information to submissions@eastbysoutheast.co.uk.