Mission Statement & Code of Conduct

  1. We advocate. We seek to increase and improve the representation of ESEA artists in the British performance industry. We strive to achieve this through mutual support, challenging problematic practices both within and outside the community, and modelling best practices.

  2. We support. We will celebrate and promulgate one another’s work. We commit to celebration as our form of activism, to empower and uplift ourselves as a community. We offer criticism in a constructive spirit, always at the work and never at the person.

  3. We’re a safe space. We commit to be anti-racist, anti-misogynist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-xenophobic, and anti-bullying. Everything said or shared within the group is kept within the group. Individuals may debate robustly – but no personal attacks, and no discrimination against race, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, or language. We commit to zero-tolerance of violation of our safe space.

  4. We’re productive. We keep speech respectful. We do not hog time. We’re mindful of ego. Personal stories are useful, when they illustrate general points; negative stories are useful, when they create shared experiences and invite support – we also prioritise constructive discussion and concrete action.

  5. We’re democratic. Any action taken in our behalf shall have received majority consent, or plurality consent where more than two options were presented. A quorum shall exist when two-thirds of the current members have voted.

  6. We’re transparent. Any public letter shall bear individual signatures, so that we never hide behind group anonymity. We will not use our position as members of East by South East for personal advantage or gain. When expressing views about public or political issues in speech and writing, we will make a clear distinction between views that are our own and those of East by South East.

  7. We’re open. We’re an open alliance of ESEA artists, creatives, and technical practitioners. We welcome all who support his mission, and adhere to this code of conduct.

  8. We take up space! We speak with a collective voice, to make ourselves heard, and to protect individuals who are not yet able speak up. We are a substantive and positive presence in the wider ecology of performance artists.